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Do You Only Take "Top" Students?


Each student's profile is a mix of grades, test scores, and activities with inevitable weak spots and vulnerabilities that we will help you identify. We look for students who are enthusiastic about their future and excited to embark on the journey toward college, and for parents who are supportive.  

My student is interested in applying to combined undergrad/Medical programs, are you familiar with these?


Yes. We have had students accepted to combined undergrad/M.D. programs, and are we are familiar with what is required. Contact us to schedule an advising meeting, where we will give you an honest assessment of whether or not your student is a strong candidate for a combined undergrad/medical program. 

Why don't you offer College Admissions essay editing services on an hourly basis?


Developing strong college admissions essays is a process that takes an in-depth knowledge of a student's profile, activities, and life experiences. If you'd like assistance with college admissions essays please see our College Admissions Consulting package of services. 

My Child is in boarding school can you still work with her?
Yes! Thanks to modern technology we are happy to schedule meetings via Zoom,  to give our students the attention they need. We work will all of our students using the project management software BaseCamp, so that parents can easily track progress and remain in the loop.

What Are Your Rates?


We charge hourly rates for High School Advising, Essay Editing & Coaching, and Resume Services. For our comprehensive College Admissions Consulting services we offer a package that includes Common Application (private schools) coupled with University of California Schools. As well as a UC only package.  Contact us for a fee schedule.

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