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Katie helped me immensely throughout the application process. She was instrumental in demystifying and de-stressing the entire process, working with me to create a high-level strategy for the college search and application composition process as a whole, and then drawing from her thorough writing background to work effectively with me on structuring and writing my application to represent the best version of myself onto the page. She has an excellent sense for what colleges are looking for, and she is incredible at making sure her students’ accomplishments shine by helping them craft unique applications that stand out  for college readers. And of course, her track record speaks for itself. There is no alternative — she is the best.


-Elizabeth, Yale Class of 2020

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Katie guided my daughter successfully through the entire college application process. Her thorough and organized understanding of admissions allowed me to go completely hands-off, from creating the college lists to receiving the final decisions. Katie also met with my daughter regularly on new essay deadlines and edits and provided me with constant progress updates and reassurance. She made this experience completely stress-free for me and helped my daughter into her dream schools!


-Yanru, Proud Parent of a future MIT or Stanford Class of 2025 Grad 

(student still deciding)

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Katie is an incredible college counselor, who connects with high school students like a close friend. She thoroughly explains and effectively streamlines the application process for all universities and programs—public, private, international, etc.—to allay all our concerns and let us focus on essays, school, and extracurriculars. With her expertise in creative writing and admissions, Katie also extracts the best stories and characteristics out of her students’ experiences while simultaneously permitting much independence, creative freedom, and free will. Working with Katie this past year definitely has been the most inspiring and enjoyable journey! 


-Sidney, Stanford Class of 2025

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When I first started working on applications, I had no idea how to approach them, my ideas were too broad, I couldn’t think of a hook, and I couldn’t find a way to order my points. My content was a mess. I am so glad I was able to work with Katie. I loved her straightforward process of brainstorming and creating outlines together to map out a cohesive, meaningful essays for each prompt. And it was incredibly satisfyingly watching my completed polished application come. Whenever I had questions about the application or was stuck in a brainstorm rut, I could always reach Katie to talk things through. Not only was I able to write great essays that I’m proud of, but I actually had fun writing them, learning more about myself in the process, and genuinely enjoying the process of applying to college.

-Emily, MIT Class of 2025

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Katie is a fantastic college counselor who has extensive experience in admissions and cares deeply about her students. As the only person in my family to go to college in the US, I was often confused and overwhelmed by the complexity of the college application process. Katie helped organize the chaos of different applications and deadlines into a structured workflow that ensured we worked at a consistent but not overwhelming pace. She also has a sharp eye for interesting essay topics and encouraged me to take creative risks on topics that I was passionate about, and her thorough edits ensured that my narrative was coherent and cogent. I have loved my college experience so far and am thankful to Katie for helping me get into my dream school. 

-Serena, Georgetown Class of 2022

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Working with AdmissionsLift was the best decision we made to help our son on his college applications. Katie made what would have been a very stressful process, easy to navigate for all of us. From our very first meeting her thorough understanding of the entire process made us feel secure. She worked with our son to find summer programs that strengthened his profile and resulted in a fantastic letter of rec, and even a published research paper! She also coached him through the process of writing his essays, and we were so impressed with the final product. (And by the fact that our son was enjoying the process.) I'm extremely grateful that she managed all of his deadlines so that we didn't spend our last year with him home nagging about college applications. And now he's extremely happy at his dream school. 

-May, Proud Parent of a Stanford Class of 2022 Grad

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Before I started working with AdmissionsLift in the spring of junior year, I had no idea what I was going to do in the summer, or for the coming college application season. Katie spent great amounts of time discussing possible summer options with me, and helped me keep track of all the deadlines and tasks throughout the summer camp application process. She continued to offer great guidance throughout the college application season, spending hours brainstorming essay topics together, and helping me structure my application in the best possible way. Her in-depth knowledge of the process coupled with her writing experience  invaluable. She helped me find topics to write about that I wouldn’t have thought of myself, and my application truly stood out as a result. I have had a great time in college so far, and I am extremely grateful for Katie’s support to help me get here.


-Grace, MIT Class of 2024 

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