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College Students

Comprehensive Consulting Services

We work with each of our students to tailor an Individual Strategy for a compelling, cohesive, application package where ALL elements are working together to give our students the best chance of acceptance at their chosen schools.


We help our students to navigate the ENTIRE application process, which begins long before we ever fill out a single form. We never limit the amount of contact our students have with their advisor and we schedule AS MANY meetings as needed. (Can you feel your stress levels falling yet?)



High School Advising: Course Planning, Activities, & Testing

Summer Program Advising & Applications

Strategic Profile Building: Adding Breadth & Depth 

Resume Building

Letters of Rec Questionnaires & Procurement

Building the perfect college list

Storytelling & Essay Writing Workshop

Major Strategy & Positioning


Essays: Brainstorm, Layout, Coaching, Revision, & Adaptation

Interview Coaching

Deadline Management 

Portfolio Review

Application Forms Drafts, Review, & Submission


Deferral Updates

Waitlist letters

And Everything in between

 Click below to contact us for a full description of our services (It's A LOT) 

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